Frequently Asked Questions - Attendees 
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Set-up your profile

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Messaging and Meetings

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Finding Exhibitors

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Sessions and Speakers

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I update my profile? 
Once you login, you’ll be able to add information to your profile. Your name, company and job title will be included automatically from your registration. You can also upload an image. We highly recommend choosing the product categories you’re interested in for the event, to allow for exhibitors to find you and propose meetings.

I’ve forgotten my password, can I reset it? 
Yes, to reset your password, click on the text to reset on the login pop up window. 

How do I add sessions to my schedule?
In the education section of the platform, you can view all the sessions, and simply click ‘+ to my schedule’.

When do the sessions take place?
The Learning Labs will be available for you to watch on demand at any point during the virtual event, on the day of their scheduled release. The Conference sessions will take place in-person in Philadelphia and will become availabe on the online event platform within 24 hours of taking place. 

How do I view sessions? 
To view the session, you just need to click on the session information. If on demand, you can view at any point. If scheduled,
you’ll be able to see when the session is about to commence and join. 

How do I message exhibitors? 
If you would like to message an exhibitor, you can either click on their on their profile, or click on the * on their contact card to see the messaging option. 

How do I arrange meetings with exhibitors?
To send a meeting invite, you can either click on their on their profile, or click on the calendar icon on their contact card to see the messaging option.

Where can I view my favourites? 
You can view your favourites in your profile. To navigate to your profile, click on ‘Profile’ on the top right of the virtual platform.

I’m having trouble with the platform, who can I contact? 
Please contact our customer services team, and they will be happy to help. You can contact them via

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